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Anoushka Shankar


Deutsche Grammophon

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An Interview with Anoushka Shankar | Sound Tracks Quick Hits | PBS
Anoushka Shankar on why it was important to share her story of sexual abuse.
1 Guru: Raga Jogeshwari - Alaap 11:08
2 Guru: Raga Jogeshwari - Jod, Jhala
3 Guru: Raga Jogeshwari - Gat in Rupaktaal
4 Celebration: Raga Manj Khamaj - Aochar, Dadra, Teentaal, Coda
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After several stunning experimental/crossover albums, including the Grammy®-nominated recordings Rise, Traveller and Traces Of You, Anoushka Shankar returns to her classical roots, paying homage to the teachings of her father and guru Ravi Shankar. Home features two ragas, one of which is a creation of Ravi Shankar's, and with them Anoushka shares an intimate, heartfelt live performance in the traditional style. Indian classical music is not written down, but has been improvised and passed down through an oral tradition for centuries; Home is a paradigm of this genre, exemplifying the unique dichotomy between the ancient structure and in-the-moment improvisations. Home is self-produced by Anoushka, and on it she strove to record the ancient instruments at an unprecedented, "high-definition" quality, working with a team of experts to design a studio in her own home that would be uniquely suited to the timbre of her instrument. 

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