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Angele Dubeau & La Pieta

SIGNATURE Philip Glass

Release Date: November 3, 2023

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Angele Dubeau - Prix Denise-Pelletier 2019
1 Opening  
2 Symphony no 3  
3 Metamorphosis  
4 Koyaanisquati  
5 Piano Quintet  
6 The Somnambulist  
7 History_Signature  
8 History_Utility  
9 Tea Time  
10 Candyman Suite  
11 Sonata for violon mvt III  
12 Duo no1  
13 Duo no4  
14 Bent Suite II  
15 Bent Suite V  
16 Epilogue  
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Fifteen years after paying tribute to the great composer as part of her PORTRAIT series dedicated to current composers, Angèle Dubeau along with La Pietà focus again on Philip Glass in the violinist's 48th recording:  SIGNATURE Philip Glass. The album is available on all digital platforms and in physical format.

The first single, Opening, is the subject of a clip filmed recently at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal.

“After my album Portrait: Philip Glass, released in 2008, I wanted to dive back into the colossal work of this iconic composer of our time. His work has and will continue to have an impact on musical life for a long time to come. Glass’s music has always fascinated me. It captivates me and, for many years, has nourished me and made me grow intellectually and musically,” she emphasizes.

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