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Andris Nelsons - Boston Symphony

Shostakovich Sym. #1,14,15 - Chamber Sym. in Cm

Deutsche Grammophon

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One-on-One with BSO Music Director Andris Nelsons
Andris Nelsons leads first BSO rehearsal
The BSO and Andris Nelsons announce a new partnrship with Deutsche Grammophon
1 Shostakovich: Symphony No. 1 in F minor op. 10 / Allegretto - Allegro non troppo  
2 Allegro  
3 Lento  
4 Lento - Allegro molto  
5 Symphony No. 15 in A major op. 141 / Allegretto  
6 Adagio - Largo - Adagio - Largo  
7 Allegretto  
8 Adagio - Allegretto - Adagio - Allegretto  
9 Symphony No. 14 in G minor op. 135 / Adagio: De profundis (Federico Garcia Lorca) AT  
10 Allegretto: Malagenn'ya (Malaguena: Federico Garcca Lorca) KO  
11 Allegro molto: Loreleya (Loreley: Guillaume Apollinaire) KO & AT  
12 Adagio: Samoubiyca (Le Suicide: Guillaume Apollinaire) KO  
13 Allegretto: Načeku (Les Attentives I: Guillaume Apollinaire) KO  
14 Adagio: Madam, posmotrite! (Les Attentives II: Guillaume Apollinaire) KO & AT  
15 Adagio: V Tyur'me Santė (A la Sante: Guillaume Apollinaire) AT  
16 Allegro: Otvet zaporozskikh kazakov konstantinopol'skomu sultanu  
17 Andante: O, Delvig, Delvig! (O Delwig, Delwig: Wilhelm Kuchelbecker) AT  
18 Largo: Smert' poėta (Der Tod des Dichters: Rainer Maria Rilke) KO  
19 Moderato: Zaklyučeniye (Schlussstuck: Rainer Maria Rilke) KO & AT  
20 Chamber Symphony in C minor op. 110 / Largo  
21 Allegro Molto  
22 Allegretto  
23 Largo  
24 Largo  
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Three Grammy Awards and a mountain of rave reviews stand behind Andris Nelsons' ongoing cycle of the fifteen symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich. The conductor's run of visionary interpretations with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, recorded live by Deutsche Grammophon, is set to continue with the release of a double-disc album of the Russian composer's Symphonies Nos. 1, 14 & 15. The new recording connects with both the swaggering energy of youth and the profound reflections of a composer nearing the end of his life. It also includes a searing account of the tragic Chamber Symphony.

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