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Andras Schiff

Franz Schubert Sonatas and Impromptus


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On The Music of Franz Schubert
On Schubert and Beethoven
On Franz Schubert's late Sonatas
On the Brodmann Fortepiano
1 Schubert - Vier Impromptus D 899 (Op.90) / Allegro Molto Moderato In C-Moll 09:32  
2 Allegro In Es-Dur 04:39  
3 Andante In Ges-Dur 04:59  
4 Allegretto In As-Dur 07:21  
5 Schubert - Sonate C-Moll D 958 / Allegro 10:35  
6 Adagio 07:00  
7 Menuett. Allegretto - Trio 03:04  
8 Allegro 09:13  
9 Schubert - Drei Klavierstocke D 946 / Allegro Assai In Es-Moll 09:12  
10 Allegretto In Es-Dur 11:46  
11 Allegro In C-Dur 05:31  
12 Schubert - Sonate A-Dur D 959 / Allegro 15:45  
13 Andantino 07:13  
14 Scherzo. Allegro Vivace - Trio 05:30  
15 Rondo. Allegretto 12:35  
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Here is a Schubert recording for our times, made in a small hall in Bonn on a historically appropriate instrument intended for an intimate setting. An interpretation of subtle nuances, fine shadings and regional flavors, emphasizing the cultural framework that defined this music.

When András Schiff's first double album with late piano works by Franz Schubert was released on ECM New Series in 2015, critics and audiences paid particular attention to the pianist's choice of a fortepiano built by Franz Brodmann in 1820. In the liner notes, Schiff explained his conversion "from Saul to Paul", advocating a historically informed style of playing on instruments used in the classical era and describing the tonal characteristics of the Brodmann piano. The timbre of the instrument, he reasoned, reflected "a typically Viennese quality, gentle, melancholy, and song-like". And since Schubert, like no other composer, used "the soft notes, the quietest sounds" to touch our hearts, the excellently preserved Brodmann with its four pedals serves these "quietest sounds" particularly well.

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