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Anderson & Roe

When Words Fade

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Anderson & Roe | WHEN WORDS FADE | Trailer
Anderson & Roe | DER ERLKONIG | Steinway Piano Factory
Carmen Fantasy for Two Pianos (ANDERSON & ROE)
Anderson & Roe - Mother (At the recording)

Tour Dates

1 Jackson: Billie Jean  
2 Vivaldi: 'Tieteberga, RV 737'/ Sento in seno  
3 Anderson: Fantasy on arias from Mozart's Die Zaub.  
4 Bizet: Carmen Fantasy  
5 Schubert: Der Erlkonig, D 328  
6 Rachmaninov: 'Songs(14), Op.34'/ #14, Vocalise  
7 Anderson: Mathilde, Marieke, et Madeleine  
8 Schumann: 'Liederkreis, Op.39'/ 5. Mondnacht  
9 Villa-Lobos: Bachianas brasileiras #5  
10 Radiohead: Paranoid Android  
11 Arne: 'English Cantatas(6)'/ #5, The Morning  
12 Coldplay: Viva la Vida  
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When Words Fade, a song sheds its specific narrative-but the emotion remains with all its potency. You, the listener, are free to infuse the music with your own personal meaning. We challenge you to do so as you listen to this collection of vocal music we've reimagined for a wordless medium: the piano duo. When words fade, we are left with the heart of the matter, the essential truths unmitigated by the approximations of verbal expression. Words may comprise our main mode of communication, but they often fall short in embodying our innermost emotions, thoughts, and imaginings. This is where music enters: in the spaces between, in the silence. Music captures the ineffable, and that is why it is so undeniably powerful-it gives our deepest and often subconscious feelings shape and flow, as well as a beating, singing heart.

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Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Columbus OH, Louisville, Honolulu, Canada
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