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Alisa Weilerstein - SOLO
Alisa Weilerstein: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
1 Kodaly - Sonata For Solo Cello, Op.8/1
2 Kodaly - Sonata For Solo Cello, Op.8/2
3 Kodaly - Sonata For Solo Cello, Op.8/3
4 Golijov - Omaramor For Solo Cello
5 Cassado - Suite For Solo Cello/1
6 Cassado - Suite For Solo Cello/2
7 Cassado - Suite For Solo Cello/3
8 Sheng - Seven Tunes Heard In China: Seasons
9 Sheng - Seven Tunes Heard In China: Guessing Song
10 Sheng - Seven Tunes Heard In China: The Little Cabbage
11 Sheng - Seven Tunes Heard In China: The Drunken Fisherman
12 Sheng - Seven Tunes Heard In China: Diu Diu Dong
13 Sheng - Seven Tunes Heard In China: Pastoral Ballade
14 Sheng - Seven Tunes Heard In China: Tibetan Dance
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With the Decca Classics release of her album Solo on cellist Alisa Weilerstein underscores her role as an instrumentalist with something deeply personal to say. The centerpiece of the album is the MacArthur Fellow's interpretation of Zoltán Kodály's classic Sonata for Solo Cello of 1915. Weilerstein's account of the Kodály also features in the recent film If I Stay (and on its accompanying soundtrack album); based on the best-selling novel by Gayle Forman, the movie marks Weilerstein's feature-film debut, in a cameo appearance as herself. Along with the Kodály and Spanish composer-cellist Gaspar Cassadó's Suite for Solo Cello of 1926, the CD version of Solo includes Bright Sheng's Seven Tunes Heard in China and Osvaldo Golijov's Ormaramor, highlighting Weilerstein's passion for contemporary music. A deluxe digital version of the album also includes György Ligeti's Sonata for Solo Cello and Britten's Tema Sacher, as well as Prokofiev's March arranged for solo cello by Gregor Piatigorsky.

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