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Alice Sara Ott

Echoes Of Life

Deutsche Grammophon

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Interview Alice Sara Ott - Gothenburg Symphony
1 Francesco Tristano - In The Beginning Was  
2 Chopin No_ 1 in C Major_ Agitato  
3 Chopin No_ 2 in A Minor_ Lento  
4 Chopin No_ 3 in G Major_ Vivace  
5 Chopin No_ 4 in E Minor_ Largo  
6 Gyorgy Ligeti_Infant Rebellion  
7 Chopin No_ 5 in D Major_ Molto allegro  
8 Chopin No_ 6 in B Minor_ Lento assai  
9 Chopin No_ 7 in A Major_ Andantino  
10 Chopin No_ 8 in F Sharp Minor_ Molto agitato  
11 Chopin No_ 9 in E Major_ Largo [24 Preludes, Op_ 28  
12 Nino Rota_When The Grass Was Greener - Valzer  
13 Chopin No_ 10 in C Sharp Minor_ Molto allegro  
14 Chopin No_ 11 in B Major_ Vivace  
15 Chopin No_ 12 in G Sharp Minor_ Presto  
16 Chopin No_ 13 in F Sharp Minor_ Lento  
17 Chopin No_ 14 in E Flat Minor_ Allegro  
18 Chopin No_ 15 in D Flat Major_ Sostenuto Raindrop  
19 Chilly Gonzales_No Roadmap To Adulthood - Prelude in C Sharp Major  
20 Chopin No_ 16 in B Flat Minor_ Presto con fuoco  
21 Chopin No_ 17 in A Flat Major_ Allegretto  
22 Chopin No_ 18 in C Minor_ Molto  
23 Tru Takemitsu_IDENTITY - I_ Adagio  
24 Chopin No_ 19 in E Flat Major_ Vivace  
25 Chopin No_ 20 in C Minor_ Largo  
26 Arvo Part _A Path To Where - Fur Alina  
27 Chopin No_ 21 in B Flat Major_ Cantabile  
28 Chopin No_ 22 in G Minor_ Molto agitato  
29 Chopin No_ 23 in F Major_ Moderato  
30 Chopin No_ 24 in D Minor_ Allegro appassionato  
31 Alice Sara Ott - Lullaby To Eternity  
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"Echoes Of Life is a personal reflection on the thoughts and moments that influence and change our lives. It also portrays the journey and transformation I took to become the person and artist I see myself as today. In interpreting music from composers who, in their own time, challenged the system and redefined music, I see it as my role as a classical musician to carry this spirit forward by not insisting on reproducing bygone traditions and limitations."  – Alice Sara Ott –

For her tenth Deutsche Grammophon release, pianist Alice Sara Ottreturns to the music of Frédéric Chopin. She approaches Chopin's 24 Préludes op. 28 from a fresh perspective, finding a personal thread that parallels the music's dramatic arc and wide-ranging moods. The pianist frames the Préludes within a contemporary context by interspersing them with seven works by 20th- and 21st-century composers. The thought-provoking yet emotionally and musically fulfilling end result is Echoes Of Life.

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