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Alice Cooper | National Youth Orchestra of Germany

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood

Deutsche Grammophon

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1 Peter Arrives and Settles in Los Angeles  
2 Peter's Birthday  
3 The Wolf Hunt Begins  
4 Peter Builds the Robot  
5 The Hunt Continues  
6 Back at Grandfather's Home  
7 Peter is Greeted By the Bird  
8 The Ducks Waddles Over  
9 Peter Notices the Cat  
10 Grandfather Warns Peter  
11 The Wold Reappears  
12 The Duck is Caught  
13 The Wolf Stalks the Bird and the Cat  
14 Peter Prepares to Catch the Wolf  
15 The Bird Diverts the Wolf  
16 Peter Catches the Wolf  
17 The Paparazzi Arrive  
18 The Procession to the Zoo  
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New York production company Giants Are Small and Deutsche Grammophon/UMC proudly present Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood -- an unforgettable journey of classical music, visual wonder, and digital play that bring aninvigorating new perspective to Prokofiev's classic. Audiences of all ages will be able to experience the beloved story of the resourceful Russian boy in multiple complementary formats: digital album, CD, and the richly immersive, interactive experience of an iPad app designed especially for children (age 5-8).   All will be available on November 13.

39 NEW  41 Total
C24, CBC
Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Austin, New Orleans, Madison WI, Columbus OH, Canada
Online: Sinfini

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