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Alexandra Streliski


Sony - XXIM Records
Release Date: April 14, 2023

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The Breach
The hills
Néo-Romance: Rotterdam Live Session
Alexandra Stréliski - Néo-Romance: Rotterdam Live Session
CTV - Your Morning
1 (ouverture)  
2 a new romance  
3 Ad Libre  
4 Air de famille  
6 Dans les bois  
7 Elegie  
8 In the air  
9 Lumieres  
10 one last dance  
11 Reveries  
12 The Breach  
13 the first kiss  
14 The hills  
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To mark the release of Néo-Romance, STRÉLISKI and XXIM/Sony scheduled a series of celebrations and media appearances on both sides of the Atlantic.  On 21st of March, following on German breakfast television, STRÉLISKI headed to Paris - a city she feels a particular connection with given the years she spent there as a child - where she hosted an evening of music at the Bibliothèque Musicale La Grange-Fleuret. And on the 28th of March, she traveled to New York City for another special event at Maison Close, where she celebrated Néo-Romance with friends and local media.

Néo-Romance marks a departure for STRÉLISKI in several ways, not just in terms of subject matter. Composing and recording in Europe for the first time, she also worked with several new musicians and collaborators - including, for the first time, a string trio; three members from the acclaimed Karski Quartet - and explored her family’s past. The songs were written mainly in Rotterdam, where Stréliski moved to be with her partner. And in doing so, she discovered some surprising – and prescient – facts about her family history, their Polish Jewish origins, and her ancestors’ penchant for art and creativity.

Long associated with the neo-classical movement, STRÉLISKI also wanted to distance herself from a tag that doesn’t accurately reflect her work. Inspired by the idea of encapsulating and expressing emotions through art, and the Romantics’ love of individual expression over the restraints of tradition, she set out to follow her instinct. “I’m much more of a romantic in the sense that I express my own inner world to make sense of the wider world,” she says. “So, the thread I’m pulling on here is the idea of neo-romance, in a musical way but also as a form of contemplation.” 

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