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What stands out on Alchemy Sound Project - Afrika Love, is its undisguised love of the jazz tradition / All About Jazz

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All About Jazz - TROY DOSTERT writes.....Confirming the many advantages of a regular working ensemble, the Alchemy Sound Project came together in 2014 to provide an additional venue of exploration for several members of the Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute in Los Angeles. Although the group possesses an affinity for fusing classical composition techniques with expansive improvisation, what stands out on Afrika Love, the collective's third release, is its undisguised love of the jazz tradition.

With a three-horn core of trumpeter Samantha Boshnack and multi-instrumentalists Erica Lindsay and Salim Washington, the veteran members of the group also include bassist David Arend and pianist Sumi Tonooka. And as been the case on each of its releases, the ensemble is once again complemented by guests on trombone and drums-on this album, Michael Ventoso and Chad Taylor, respectively. Ventoso's presence adds low-end sonority to the group's crafty arrangements, while Taylor brings his own characteristically alchemical rhythmic tendencies to the album.