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Alchemy Sound Project celebrates 'National Look at the Bright Side Day' on 97.3 & 107.9 The Rock's 'Tuesday Lunch With Abe'

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The Rock - Tuesday Lunch with Abe

Alchemy is defined as "a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination" (OxfordEnglish Dictionary). It's hard to imagine a word that more aptly suits Alchemy Sound Project, a collective in which five esteemed composers and bandleaders - pianist Sumi Tonooka, woodwind players Salim Washington and Erica Lindsay, trumpeter Samantha Boshnack, and bassist David Arend - form a potent ensemble greater than the sum of its parts. A synergy that seems almost supernatural, especially given the far-flung home bases from which these artists converge, is evident throughout Afrika Love, the band's third album which was released on May14, 2021, via Artists Recording Collective.

Tuesday Lunch With Abe hos - Abe Perlstein writes….It’s National Look at the Bright Side Day and what would’ve been Frank Zappa’s 81st birthday during the Dec. 21st, 2021 Tuesday Lunch With Abe presenting four guests showcasing new releases beginning at 12:30 with Alchemy Sound Project‘s bassist, composer David Arend; pianist, composer, Sumi Tonooka; tenor saxophonist, flutist, bass clarinetist, oboist Salim Washington; and trumpeter, composer Samantha Boshnack spotlighting tracks on their recent release, Afrika Love, a powerful synthesis of original, highly interactive jazz and modern chamber music.

The Dec. 21st Tuesday Lunch With Abe, 12-6pm on 97.3 & 107.9 The Rock. Streaming live and on demand at Visit and ‘Like’   Listen to the attached program.