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Adrienne Danrich sings Drew Hemenger

The Weary Blues

HR Recordings
Release Date: September 29, 2023

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1 The Weary Blues  
2 Casual  
3 Still Here  
4 Summer Night  
5 Genius Child  
6 The Negro Speaks of Rivers  
7 January 1st  
8 The Risk  
9 Ringing the Bells  
10 Yellow  
11 Her Kind  
12 Snow  
13 Music Swims Back to Us  
14 Us  
15 Her Final Show (Rafael Campo)  
16 Love’s Prophesy (Kahlil Gibran)  
17 Breaking Bread (Traditional Spiritual)  
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HR Recordings releases The Weary Blues, an exciting new recording of songs resulting from a long and wonderful collaboration between American composer Drew Hemenger and soprano Adrienne Danrich. This first collaborative recording features a set of songs written for Adrienne based on Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes, along with a gripping and sometimes harrowing song cycle, “Which Way Home?” on poems of Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet, Anne Sexton. The artists explore a contrast of styles demanded by the diverse texts.

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