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Game of Thrones [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
The Godfather Theme
2CELLOS - Funniest moments!
2Cellos interview
Timo meeting 2cellos in Madrid
PBS NewsHour
1 Game of Thrones Medley  
2 May it Be (from The Lord of the Rings)  
3 For the Love of a Princess (from Braveheart)  
4 Love Story  
5 Cinema Paradiso  
6 Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany's)  
7 Love Theme from The Godfather  
8 My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic)  
9 Rain Man Theme  
10 Cavatina (from The Deer Hunter)  
11 Malena  
12 Schindler's List Main Theme  
13 Titles from Chariots of Fire  
14 Now We are Free (from Gladiator)  
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2CELLOS, music's most electric and dynamic instrumental duo, go to the movies for their new Portrait/Sony Music Masterworks album Score, available March 17, 2017. Bringing 2CELLOS' game-changing sound and style to the most popular melodies ever written for classic and contemporary movies and television, Score will be supported by a world tour, kicking off with its U.S. leg this summer. The new video for "Game of Thrones" is out now. "We love movie music! This album represents some of our favorite pieces of music by our favorite film composers. Having the opportunity to arrange them for cello whilst working with the world class London Symphony Orchestra has been a dream come true," says Stjepan.

10 NEW  111 TOTAL
Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD, AccuRadio
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland, New Orleans, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Berkeley, Columbus OH, Santa fe, Hartford CT, Ft. Wayne IN, Madison WI, Hawaii, VT(Statewide), NE(Statewide)
INTER: Canada, UK, Spain
Online: Musicas Imaginadas, Musicas Imaginadas, Journeyscapes, Lost Frontier, Retailing Insight

All Press Secured by Angi Barkan, Larissa Slezak, Sony Masterworks

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