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2002 - Celtic Fairy Dream is #3 'New age music guide - Best New Age Music Albums So Far for 2020'

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2020 has been a different kind of year, no doubt about that. But when it comes to New Age music, this year has been amazing! The age of Covid19 has given us some truly extraordinary albums. Enjoy this list of top five New Age music releases from the first half of 2020!

The list has been compiled based on the popularity of the releases on Newagemusic.guide, your votes on our request page, and review ratings. At the end of the year, we will publish our usual Top 10 Albums list (here is the list for 2019) – where the below albums for sure will play an important part. But rest assured, 2020 has plenty of more excellent music in store for us!

"Celtic Fairy Dream" by 2002, the follow-up to the group's highly successful "Celtic Fairy Lullaby" (2016), couldn‘t have been released at a better time. Taking a break from negative news has never felt better. Indeed, 2002 has always been one of the best New Age music bands, but today it is more apparent than ever that Randy and Pamela Copus' daughter Sarah lifts the band to incredible new heights. Take my word for it: Even Enya would be amazed by "Celtic Fairy Dream". It has musical magic dust sprinkled all over.

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The fairy theme aside, "Celtic Fairy Dream" is really a down-to-earth release with many classical inspirations that will give joy to new and old fans alike. It is a great installment in 2002's Celtic Fairy series, and the songs "Castle of Dromore" and "The Green Fields of Autumn" are destined to become New Age music hits.

It is tempting to ask; When will 2002 release an "Orinoco Flow", "May It Be" or "Caribbean Blue"? My answer is simple; It is a matter of time. "Only time."