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Celtic Fairy Dream


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Castle of Dromore
The Green Fields of Autumn
1 Castle of Dromore  
2 The Green Fields of Autumn  
3 Lullaby  
4 South Wind  
5 David of the White Rock  
6 Close Your Eyes  
7 She Moved Through the Fair  
8 Genevieve's Waltz  
9 Little Bird  
10 Across the Waves  
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"Celtic Fairy Dream" is the eagerly awaited follow-up from the award-winning group 2002 to their very successful 2016 recording "Celtic Fairy Lullaby". One of the world's premier new age music ensembles, 2002 has an eager and vocal worldwide audience. While husband and wife Randy and Pamela Copus have produced many albums as a duo, their last few releases have featured their daughter Sarah who is truly a rising star as a lead vocalist. Fans of Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, and Clannad will find a lot to like in the magical music of 2002.

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