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#Bloomerangs - Young Dads
1 Pluralize it (Pluralizalo)
2 Pensive (Pensante)
3 On a Trip (De Viaje)
4 Low Ride
5 Man B
6 It Shall Pass... (Todo Pasa)
7 Ten and Nine (Diez y Nueve)
8 Ours (Nuestro)
9 Young Dads
10 Eden Pine Trees (Pinos del Eden)
11 Purple
12 Holly Molly
13 Blooming Tone
14 Usual Suspects
15 Here and Now (Aqui y Ahora)
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Big Rounds Records presents HORIZON SUNSET, the debut record from international music collective #Bloomerangs. The group's 22 participating musicians – hailing from the United States, Uruguay, Argentina and Spain– all blend their musical backgrounds on the album, which composer and producer Rodrigo Cotelo described as an "ode to endings that lead to new beginnings" to further expand #Bloomerangs vision of "integrating different cultures and sounds as an expression vehicle to a common universal language through music." 

13 NEW  59 TOTAL
All Jazz Radio, ABC - Australia
Markets include: Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Portland, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New Orleans, San Antonio, Berkeley CA, Long Island NY, Madison WI, Omaha, Hartford CT, Tampa, Honolulu, Vancouver, ME(Statewide), VT(Statewide), WV(Statewide), MS(Statewide)
INTER: Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia, South Africa
Online: MOJA, Jazz From Gallery 41, GreenArrow, Mundofonias

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