Terence Blanchard commemorates Hurricane Katrina's 10th anniversary with the DSO / Detroit Free Press

Detroit and New Orleans, two gritty cities defined by their landmark contributions to American musical culture and recent struggles with natural and economic disasters, will come together in a three-day festival June 2-4 under the umbrella of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. The centerpiece of A Musical Tale of Two Cities: Motown Meets the Big Easy will be a performance of Terence Blanchard's "A Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina)" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The concert will find the New Orleans-born jazz trumpeter and composer performing with his quintet and the DSO, led by music director Leonard Slatkin. READ THE FULL Detroit Free Press ARTICLE
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Bryce Dessner plays 'Classical Edge' series with Alabama Symphony Orchestra /

For fans of The National, he's a guitarist and songwriter of considerable skill, specializing in a heady mix of indie rock, chamber pop and Americana. But Bryce Dessner also has a classical side, composing contemporary pieces that have captured the attention of major orchestras and string quartets. His collaborators also have included Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Jonny Greenwood and Sufjan Stevens, all of whom share Dessner's rigorous attention to detail and wide-ranging creativity. On April 17, Dessner comes to Birmingham for a performance with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, as part of the Classical Edge series. The program includes three of Dessner's works - "Lachrimae," "Tenebre" and "St. Carolyn by the Sea" -- as well as Reich's "New York Counterpoint" and Bela Bartok's Divertimento for String Orchestra. Conductor Joshua Gersen will lead the ensemble at the Alys Stephens Center's Jemison Concert Hall, starting at 7:30 p.m. An after-party is planned at Parkside Cafe in Avondale, with Dessner and other musicians in attendance.  SEE THE PAGE
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Brooklyn Rider comes to Louisville /

What can you say about Brooklyn Rider?  They are a string quartet featuring Johnny Gandelsman (violin), Colin Jacobsen (violin), Nichoals Cords (viola), and Eric Jacobsen (cello) – and they have blossomed from highly competitive music scene that explodes from the concrete jungle of New York City.  While the general structure of their quartet is a centuries old template in the world of chamber music, what Brooklyn Rider does on-stage is a whole new experience. The Quartet will be performing at Louisville's Clifton Center Theater TODAY!! - Thursday April 16th.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE
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Ensemble Caprice play Energy City's Saskatchewan series / Estevan Lifestyles

The Ensemble Caprice will be performing in the Energy City on Monday, April 27 through the Estevan Arts Council's Stars for Saskatchewan series. The show will happen at Trinity Lutheran Church at 7:30 p.m. Ensemble Caprice, under the artistic direction of Matthias Maute and Sophie Lariviere, is known for its interpretations of baroque music, and has received national and international acclaim for more than 20 years. The group performs regularly in Europe and in the U.S., and has also toured in Israel and Taiwan. In Canada, they are invited regularly to the most prestigious festivals and concert series across the country. Their CD, Gloria! Vivaldi's Angels, won a Juno Award in 2009.  READ THE FULL Estevan Lifestyles ARTICLE.
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Cypress String Quartet 16th annual Call & Response concert / San Francisco Classical Voice

Three years ago, French composer Philippe Hersant was the first non-American composer to receive a commission from San Francisco's Cypress String Quartet for its Call & Response series. Last Friday April 10, Hersant's String Quartet no. 4 Der Gestirnte Himmel (The Starry Sky) had its world premiere at the Marine's Memorial Theatre in downtown San Francisco as part of CSQ's 16th annual Call & Response. The idea behind Call & Response, which started in 2000, is to have a modern-day composer "respond" to the "call" of specific pieces from the traditional string quartet canon and create a new work. In 2012, Hersant more or less skirted the issue. By his own admittance, his quartet did not have any obvious or direct references to the Haydn and Beethoven quartets that were also on the program that evening.  READ THE FULL San Francisco Classical Voice REVIEW
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New Classical Tracks: Lux, The radiant music of - Voces 8

Listen to Julie Amacher's New Classical Tracks interview. New Classical Tracks is a Syndicated feature airing Nationally on PRI: Classical 24 & Statewide on Minnesota Public Radio. READ THE TRANSCRIPT - "We like to open doors," explains Paul Smith of the British vocal ensemble Voces 8. "This idea that we might find someone who loves Tallis but hasn't heard of Massive Attack, or loves Massive Attack and hasn't heard of Tallis - actually, if we can just open people's minds to the wide array of music that exists in the world. We're a group with eclectic tastes. We like to include those tastes but also really share them and encourage people to broaden their horizons." When Voces8 began to compile pieces for their latest recording, Lux, Paul's brother Barney says it made sense to consult with ClassicFM, the largest commercial classical radio station in the U.K. "For us as a group to get our music heard, we want to give people what they want to listen to," Barney says. "Getting in touch with a radio station that caters to the needs of a wide market is quite important for us. They have so much feedback on all the tracks they play that we wanted to get their input, to make sure that we were singing music that people really wanted to listen to." The end result is a rollercoaster adventure spanning four centuries of choral arrangements from the Renaissance to 21st-century popular music. Barney explains the concept behind this new release. "We call this recording Lux," he says. "Many people associate choral singing and the sound of a choir with radiance. The image on the front cover portrays that well. It's a wonderful shot of the sun shining bright into the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern in London. And I think for me, that's a fantastic image that I have in my head when I hear a glorious choir singing. So with that theme of light we wanted to choose music that was glorifying and uplifting. And so that's 'how we settled on Lux. "From there, we looked for great texts, great melodies and built a playlist which we are really, really proud of," Barney continues. "One of the most interesting things is the track by Eriks Esenvalds called 'Stars,' where this luminous effect is created by the harmonics of water glasses. And they create this beautiful halo under which we sing some beautiful music. So the theme of light is very important, and I think a great way to demonstrate the choral sound." According to soprano Emily Dickens, it took a village to record this piece. "We needed to get hold of about 16 glass players for this," she says. "We decided we'd ask our family and friends. We got to the church and Barney tuned the glasses to a pitchpipe, he was immaculate. We had my sister, Barney's family, Chris's wife, and they all sat down and played glasses to Barney's conducting and us singing - an experience we've never had before. We've only recorded with just us or a professional orchestra, and these were just amateur musicians - or not musicians at all - who just enjoyed being a part of the process." Paul agrees it was pretty special. "Actually," he says, "on Facebook when the album went to No. 2 on U.K. charts, I saw Emily's sister send a post saying, 'I'm delighted to get my first classical number No. 2. My sister's on the album, too'." Voces8 Paul Stuart / Decca - Emily recalls another memorable moment during the making of this new CD. "Recording 'The Luckiest' by American singer-songwriter Ben Folds - that was really special," she says. "It was something the group already knew before I joined, and I learned really for the first time in the last couple of years. Bringing it into a recording setting, where you have to learn it inside out and really get into the music, was brilliant. We've been performing it in America. It's one of the audience's favorite pieces over here - they really love it." "And actually, we had some good friends come over from the U.S. to spend time with us at the Gresham Center," Paul adds. "They were celebrating their 20th anniversary and wanted to renew their vows. So as a special gift to them, we had them join us. As they spoke their vows to each other, the only people in attendance were the eight of us and we sang 'The Luckiest' to them afterwards, and there was not a dry eye in the house. And we were with them again on this tour. When we performed, we dedicated the song to them. It's one of the hardest emotional things - to avoid crying on stage." Lux opens with "Ubi Caritas" by Norwegian-born composer Ola Gjeilo, who next year will be the composer in residence for Voces8. Barney explains that this recording actually opens and closes with this beautiful sacred text, which speaks of goodness and love. "It's a personal favorite text of mine," Barney says. "I was reading a magazine the other day where the writer was saying that he feels the text 'Ubi Caritas' always brings out the best in choirs, the best in their singing. Well, I often feel it brings out the best in composers. We have two fantastic settings on the CD to open and close. The first by Ola Gjeilo. The second by Paul Mealor, who shot to fame in 2011 when that setting was sung at the wedding of William and Kate. "The thing I love about it - it carries our message at the ethos of our group because our education work is very, very important to us. We feel extremely fortunate to have had such a fantastic opportunity both as individuals and as a group. And we'd like to give that opportunity back and to inspire other people to be creative, to use their voices, to express themselves. The text of the 'Ubi Caritas' sums that up - it's an important text to the group so it was nice to be able to open and close with it." Great texts and great melodies make up a radiant collection of choral pieces, all of which make for a very satisfying listening experience on Lux with Voces8. Enter for a chance to win a copy of this CD. This week on New Classical Tracks, you can enter for a chance to win a copy of Voces8's Lux CD. Winners will be drawn at random. Be sure to enter by midnight CDT on Tuesday, April 21, 2015.
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Brooklyn Rider plays Schwab Auditorium / The Daily Collegian

Brooklyn Rider performed last night at Penn State's Schwab Auditorium for many. The stage was set for the performers as it was lit in light purple with a background that compared to an opera stage. The quartet ( Johnny Gandelsman and Colin Jacobsen, Nicholas Cords playing the viola and Eric Jacobsen ) walked on the stage and did not waste any playing time. The music they were playing could be described as mysterious and suspenseful. It had a lot of variety that consisted of startling beats but also a soothing and slow sound. "Brooklyn Rider is a classically trained string quartet but they appeal to a more popular side of classical music," Penn State Marketing and Communications Director Laura Sullivan said. "They kind of take the classical training to a new level." READ THE FULL Daily Collegian ARTICLE
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Hilary Hahn Returns To Childhood Concertos on new Mozart | Vieuxtemps CD / WABE Atlanta

From the time she learned them as a 10-year-old prodigy, Hilary Hahn has kept two classic concertos in her mind. Now 35, Hahn has recorded those works – Mozart's "Violin Concerto No. 5" and  Henri Vieuxtemps' "Violin Concerto No. 4" – in a CD released last month. She collaborated with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and Paavo Järvi, with whom she has toured and performed for several years. "I've kept playing them all this time," Hahn said in an interview with "City Lights" host Lois Reitzes. "They've been with me for quite a while now." Hahn's first recorded orchestral release since 2010, "Mozart 5, Vieuxtemps 4" is a full tracing of a wide-ranging repertoire that has resulted in two Grammy awards and countless other recognitions. Last weekend, Hahn played J.S. Bach, Schumann, Debussy and John Cage in recital in Chicago. Tonight, her show in St. Paul also features Bach and Schumann, along with Ravel and pieces from her Grammy-winning recording, "In 27 Pieces: The Hilary Hahn Encores." In her latest CD, Hahn rekindles formative pieces. She learned the Vieuxtemps concerto from Klara Berkovich, and the Mozart concerto was mastered under the tutelage of Jascha Brodsky. It was the first piece Hahn learned after she entered the renown Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. In her interview with Reitzes, Hahn discusses the pleasures of performing Mozart with a large orchestra and the challenges of presenting the work of Vieuxtemps, well-known in the late 19th century for his violin melodies, to contemporary audiences. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW
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Ben Lapidus | Sonido Isleno to play Paul Carlon's tribute to Billy Strayhorn

Ben Lapidus will be playing NYC's Zinc Bar on Thursday April 16 with his band Sonido Isleño@Paul Carlon's tribute to Billy Strayhorn. La Rumba is A Lovesome Thing Paul Carlon's 11-piece ensemble takes you on a fantastic journey through the Strayhorn repertoire, seeing it as a vehicle for reinterpreting guaguancó, son, bomba, and timba. Featuring sultry vocals, the tres guitar, horns for days, and subtle Afro-Caribbean rhythms, La Rumba is a Lovesome Thing celebrates the life and work of Billy Strayhorn. The brainchild of Dr. Benjamin Lapidus, Sonido Isleño is Latin Jazz in the truest sense of the term: the exploration of Jazz and Spanish-Caribbean music in an accessible, organic, and logical way. The New York musicians involved are completely bi-cultural residents of the largest Caribbean city in the United States, having performed and recorded with a who's who of Latin music and jazz including Pedrito Martínez, Candido Camero, Phil Woods, Eddie Palmieri, Andy and Jerry González, Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, Larry Harlow, and The Buena Vista Social Club. Active since 1996, Sonido Isleño has delighted audiences in Europe, South America, and throughout the United States, releasing 5 critically acclaimed albums of original music along the way. The band is currently preparing to commemorate its 20th anniversary with a new recording, to be released in 2016.
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The Bad Plus | Joshua Redman set for Symphony Center Presents Jazz series / Chicago Tribune

The 2015-16 Symphony Center Presents Jazz series@Orchestra Hall will include The Bad Plus with Saxophonist - Joshua Redman. In October of 2013, the Bad Plus turned in one of the most gripping concerts of the year, audaciously offering a stripped-down version of Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" at the University of Chicago's Logan Center for the Arts. Other ventures by the popular trio, alas, have been considerably less appealing. Saxophonist Redman has produced brilliantly original work as well as blander, jam-band fare. Will the two bring out the best in each other? At the very least, Symphony Center's jazz series will be opening with a youthful note, both the Bad Plus and Redman having shown an ability to draw young listeners. Oct. 16. READ THE FULL Chicago Tribune POST
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Bill Frisell - Guitar and the Space Age! Joshua Light Show / Sacaramento Press

One of America's most revered jazz guitarist, Bill Frisell, is melding music with art at a unique performance that combines music from his latest 1950s and '60s inspired album with the psychedelic art of the Joshua Light Show. Playing on April 24 at the Mondavi Center for Performing Arts, the show will feature the brilliant guitar strokes of this imaginative musician as he plays songs from his 2014 release "Guitar and the Space Age!". The concurrently playing Joshua Light Show will give audience members a chance to experience the sights of magical, analog light projections that, in the 1960s, opened for artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who and Chuck Berry. "For me the music and some of the visual things that go with the music are so much about letting your imagination go and…trying to make things better and beautiful," said Frisell. Frisell went back to his roots for "Guitar in the Space Age!" by visiting the American electric guitar songs that first inspired him to play. What resulted is interpretations of 1950s and '60s songs by artists including Pete Seeger, Joe Meek, Mel London, The Byrds, The Astronauts, Chet Atkins, Brian Wilson, and Junior Wells as well as some original Frisell songs. Frisell says the concert is expected to include not only songs from the album, but also moments of spontaneity. "I feel lucky to have an audience that's willing to go along. There's an element of risk and I think, in that, there could be a big reward," said Frisell. "Rather than just playing it safe…there's a lot of improvisation in what we do and I think that makes it hopefully more exciting and interesting for the audience to follow along and check out what happens." READ THE FULL Sacaramento Press ARTICLE
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Natalie Dessay dazzles in L.A. Philharmonic Baroque program / Orance County Register

Natalie Dessay, who made her debut Friday night with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, is something else. The French soprano is classical music's answer to Edith Piaf, or perhaps Ella Fitzgerald. She doesn't just sing a song, she lives it, with style. Her vehicle Friday was one of her most celebrated, Cleopatra in excerpts from Handel's "Giulio Cesare." She put across three arias, a duet and accompanied recitatives with considerable and compelling fancy. She negotiated Handel's allegro gambols with the nimbleness of a deer skipping through a meadow. She delved into the melancholy of the slow music with the volatile sorrow of a true sufferer.  READ THE FULL Orance County Register REVIEW.
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Top 10 Albums for April

David Sanborn :

Time and the River

After saxophonist David Sanborn recorded the well-received Quartette Humaine acoustic jazz album with pianist Bob James as a one-off for OKeh Records in 2013, the label continued the conversation with the renowned six-time Grammy winning alto sax star who released eight gold albums and one platinum. That exchange led to Sanborn to link up with his old collaborative friend, electric bassist Marcus Miller, to serve as producer in creating the superb jazz-meets-R&B recording Time and the River. "I felt like I was in good hands," says Sanborn. "Marcus can cover all the bases-as arranger, composer, instrumentalist, producer-and since we have a lot of history together, working together was like shorthand." 51 TOTAL SYND: PRI/Jazz After Hours Markets include: New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Miami, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Portland, Houston, Denver, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Orlando, El Paso, Memphis, Omaha, Raleigh NC, Honolulu, Toronto Online: Jazz From Gallery 41, GreenArrow, MOJA, JazzBreakfast 32 JazzWeek ADD's Reported by New World 'n' Jazz Promo
Hilary Hahn :

Mozart 5, Vieuxtemps 4 - Violin Concertos

After touring together for many years, Paavo Järvi joins Hilary Hahn's on her new DG album, Mozart 5, Vieuxtemps 4 - Violin Concertos. This is Hahn's first recording with The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and Paavo Järvi and is the violinist's first orchestral offering since her 2010 pairing of Tchaikovsky's violin concerto and Jennifer Higdon's Pulitzer-prize winning violin concerto, which was written for Hahn. With this new album, she returns to core violin repertoire on the heels of the Grammy-win for 'In 27 Pieces: the Hilary Hahn Encores,' Mozart 5, Vieuxtemps 4 are two concertos that have been part of Hahn's repertoire since she was ten years old.  26 NEW  66 TOTAL SYND: Classical 24, CBC Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, MOOD Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Atlanta, Seattle, Cleveland, St. Louis, Portland, Houston, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Detroit, Austin, Albuquerque, Columbus OH, Madison, Canada Online: ClassicallyHip, Taintradio
David Chesky :

Jazz in the New Harmonic Quintet - Primal Scream

Once again pianist/composer David Chesky courts a dark, masterful muse on this second recording by his Jazz in the New Harmonic quintet. The noirish atmosphere prevails from his first dissonant stabs at the keyboard with cool solos from veteran jazz artists Javon Jackson and Jeremy Pelt, while Peter Washington and Billy Drummond lock down the time. This is a different kind of cool jazz, one that grooves along steadily. Close your eyes and you can feel the pulse of the New York streets colliding with 21st century ethereal classical harmony. 18 NEW  33 Total Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Baltimore, Albuquerque, Knoxville TN, San Antonio, El Paso, Rochester NY, Harford & New Haven CT, Madison WI Online: Jazz From Gallery 41, Party 934, KUHS
Angele Dubeau & La Pieta :

Ludovico Einaudi - Portrait

Portrait is a string of recordings presenting contemporary composers with a unique musical signature. Ludovico Einaudi is one of them. A music that captivates the listener, a sonic landscape to discover"says Angèle Dubeau. Driven by the works of this grand and prolific Italian composer, the internationally renowned violinist shares once again her passion with the excellent musicians of her string orchestra, La Pietà. For her 39th album in career, Angèle Dubeau offers a unique revisit to Ludovico Einaudi's music, "changing its texture, rethinking its character, while bringing a new sonic dimension." 25 NEW  61 TOTAL SYND: PRI/Classical 24, CBC Direct: Music Choice, Spafax Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Portland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Austin, New Orleans, Memphis, Albuquerque, Columbus OH, Canada Online: Taintradio, ClassicallyHip
Twin Danger :


Bound by a mutual love for juxtaposed musical influences, spanning Black Sabbath to Chet Baker, to iconic film scores,Twin Danger melds noir jazz with midnight blues and cinematicgrooves. The "dark, sexy" (VH1) new brainchild of Stuart Matthewman, GRAMMY-winning co-founder and multi-instrumentalist of Sade, and vocalist Vanessa Bley of Brooklyn-based alt-rock outfit Beast Patrol, release their self-titled debut album on April 21, 2015 (Decca/Universal Classics). 16 NEW  118 TOTAL SYND: CBC, Jazz Variations, Sixty Second CD Direct: Stingray Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Houston, Portland, San Diego, Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans, Long Is. NY, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Madison WI, Raleigh NC, Honolulu Online: GreenArrow, Jazz From Gallery 41, Taintradio, Eclectic Chair, The Jazz Intersection, GreenArrow, Sun Music, Live 365 INTER: Canada, The Netherlands
Valentina Lisitsa :

Plays Philip Glass

Decca releases Valentina Lisitsa Plays Philip Glass on March 10, 2015 "Her performances…showed that her success is backed up by enormous talent and technical flair." The New York Times "The YouTube sensation is really at the top of her game and she really makes the music move" Classic FM  Cutting-edge pianist meets trendsetting composer: Valentina Lisitsa, whose artistry has bewitched audiences around the world, is releasing a double album selection of works for solo piano by Philip Glass, whose brand of minimalism has made him one of the most influential composers of our time. Valentina Lisitsa plays Philip Glass (Decca) is a stunning collection of Glass's piano works, performed by Lisitsa with the grace and understanding of a true minimalist interpreter. 
Tony Succar :

Unity - The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson

Fueled by his relentless commitment, quiet determination and passionate faith in the loving message behind much of Michael Jackson's music, producer/multi-instrumentalist/arranger Tony Succar has thoughtfully created Unity: The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson. The result is Jackson's timeless pop and R&B tunes, such as "Thriller," "Billie Jean," and "I Want You Back" married with glorious salsa and tropical rhythms, resulting in innovative, vibrant arrangements that snap to life with exhilarating energy. Unity will be released April 14 on Universal Music Classics in collaboration with Universal Music Latin Entertainment.  21 NEW  60 TOTAL SYND: PRI/The World Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Miami, Atlanta, Portland, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, El Paso Online: Jazz From Gallery 41, Taintradio, Music Times, Party 934
Becca Stevens Band :

Perfect Animal

Becca Stevens is one of the most talented young artists in any genre – the New York Times says she is "a vocalist and guitarist who balances deep melody against lyrical caprice." With the new Becca Stevens Band album Perfect Animal, coming April 7th on Universal Music Classics, she has sharpened her voice as a songwriter and bandleader. Stevens filters her myriad influences (indie rock, R&B, jazz, West African music, folk) into a singular, electrifying sound on Perfect Animal. The album is produced by "recordist"Scott Solter(St. Vincent, Mountain Goats, Spoon) and mixed by Matt Pence (Midlake, Yuck, Here We Go Magic). Solter helped the band capture the energy they bring to live shows as well as a musical weight and intensity that had always bubbled under the surface.
Olafur Arnalds - Alice Sara Ott :

The Chopin Project

Award-winning young Icelandic pop/classical musician Ólafur Arnalds has always loved the piano music of Frédéric Chopin, but he'd grown weary of the uniform and standardized "perfection" of Chopin recordings. "There has been no re-invention of the way Chopin's music has been presented since recording began, and I was longing for someone to come along and try something different. And one day, on a long flight to London, I thought: why don't I do it myself?" And thus, in partnership with the acclaimed German-Japanese pianist Alice Sara Ott, THE CHOPIN PROJECT was born. The album will be released on March 17 on Mercury Classics/Universal Music Classics.  17 NEW  20 TOTAL SYND: Classical 24 Direct: Music Choice Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Detroit, Canada Online: Taintradio
Sachal :

Slow Motion Miracles

As a singular singer-songwriter, Sachal has pivoted into an appealing new direction on his sublime OKeh debut, the aptly titledSlow Motion Miracles. It's a remarkable 10-track album of top-flight songs teeming with close-to-the-heart personal stories of love and loss, vignettes of fleeting moments and dreamy fantasies-all fluid with the ebb and flow of heartbreak and discovery. On Slow Motion Miracles, Sachal delivers a full set of multilayered gems steeped in a variety of styles, including indie pop, hip-hop, electronica, Brazilian, Afro-beat, old-school jazz and new-styled jazz. "I'm not limiting," he says. "I weave my voice through a lot of the music I listen to. It's still me and just a part of my journey." 11 TOTAL Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Cleveland, Canada Online: Straight No Chaser, Taintradio All Press Secured by Sony & DL Media