Max Richter - SLEEP: Path 5 (delta) / Watch NPR all songs tv

leep. It's both an oasis where our physical and mental batteries get recharged and a playground for the subconscious. It's also the subject of Max Richter's latest project, SLEEP, which inspired this video by Yulia Mahr. A composer, pianist, remixer and musical tinkerer, Richter has written a soundtrack for slumber, eight hours in all, which will receive its premiere this fall in Berlin. Instead of seats, audience members will stretch out on beds, encouraged to actually drift off to the music. It helps that the event is slated for midnight to 8 a.m.The benefits from a sound night of sleep are becoming more apparent - as many a Fitbit fanatic will attest. A recent study in the journal Sleep suggests the more shuteye we get the less likely we are to get sick. But Richter points out other advantages. He believes the pace of our 21st-century lives is too hectic. Slowing down, even with your music, can be a good thing. He thinks of the project as "personal lullaby for a frenetic world."What Richter's proposing isn't exactly new. He acknowledges his forebearers like John Cage, La Monte Young and Morton Feldman, each of whom experimented in long-form, slowly paced compositions.In the video, gently swaying, angelic voices offer a soothing contrast to shots of bustling New York and Berlin crosscut with sleepers. It's all sped up in time-lapse black and white with an inverted visual effect. The piece, Path 5 (delta), is from an hour-long offshoot from SLEEP, music Richter wrote in the same spirit but intended to be heard with eyes wide open.The full, eight-hour version of SLEEP will be released Sept. 4 as a digital album, while the separate one-hour suite, called from SLEEP, will be released on CD and vinyl the same day.  WATCH THE VIDEO
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Nicholas Payton on WWOZ Radio - New Music Spotlight

Nicholas Payton has a new double album out on his own label, Paytone Records, titled "Letters." In the 26 tracks within, Payton truly runs the gamut from A to Z-- literally, as each track is named after a letter of the alphabet. The talented trumpeter hops instruments on this release, spending significant time on piano, keyboard, and Hammond B-3 organ, as well as the horn. The multi-instrumentalist gets dramatic on "H" and "S," which also contains fantastic cymbal play. "U," "C," and "E" are especially beautiful arrangements. Payton really shows his range on tracks like funky "W" and "V," and even touches on some wild 1960s garage rock tinges on "F for Axel Foley." "N for the Piano Players" and "O" invoke seasonal thoughts with wintery sounds on the former and springtime in the latter. READ THE FULL WWOZ: Radio - New Orleans ARTICLE.
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Classicalite PREMIERE: Nigel Kennedy 'Vivaldi: The New Four Seasons' - WATCH

Our world sure seemed different 25 years ago. Back then, Nigel Kennedy, l'enfant terrible of the violin, made beguiling records for EMI. And a quarter century ago, he cut one with the English Chamber Orchestra. Entitled Vivaldi: Four Seasons, it's been certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling classical work of all time. As Monsier Karr duly noted, though, the more things change, the more they're kind of the same. Ostensibly. Pushing 60 and still one of our best-coiffed violinists, today, Nigel Kennedy records with even more freedom for Sony Classical. OK, so maybe his units--alas, like his neck vertebrae--don't move quite as much as they used to. But independent of climate change, Kennedy's updated take on the "Summer" of Vivaldi in Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315 burns a hell of a lot hotter (and man-made) that those sessions in London's Church of St. John-at-Hackney in September, 1986. Three years later, Kennedy would give us but a first take. 25 years hence, premiering here on Classicalite the week before Labor Day, have a second look at the video for "Summer, Presto" from Nigel Kennedy and the Orchestra of Life's forthcoming album on Sony Classical, Vivaldi: The New Four Seasons.  READ THE FULL Classicalite ARTICLE & WATCH THE VIDEO
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Joe Chindamo | Zoe Black - The New Goldberg Variations / KDFC: Download Of the Week

ALFI Records is pleased to present The New Goldberg Variations, an inventive and inspired re-imagining of Bach's masterwork, from Australian duo Zoë Black, violin, and pianist Joe Chindamo. First performed recently and to great acclaim in Melbourne, The New Goldberg Variations features Bach's complete and original Goldberg Variations with a newly-composed counterpoint for the violin by Joe Chindamo. The world premiere recording will be released in North America on August 28. In addition, Black and Chindamo will make their U.S. debut as a duo, performing The New Goldberg Variations in recital at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, September 30 at 8:00 pm.  The album is the KDFC: San Francisco - Download Of the Week
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Inside Max Richter's vinyl collection: Aphex Twin, Bach, Grouper and more / theguardian

In the lead-up to the release of his eight-hour lullaby album, Sleep, composer Max Richter creates a playlist of some his favourite music, from noise-rockers Girl Band to Aphex Twin. Here are a few words from Max Music exists beyond genre labels. I generally follow my enthusiasm when listening, so this selection is a typically mixed bag. A few things in this list, such as Dinu Lipatti playing Bach, have visited my turntable for years; others, such as Girl Band, are recent additions to my home vinyl collection. I've just finished a project concerned with sleep, perception and dreams, and many of the picks here feel like reveries: the abstract melancholy love song by Aphex Twin, or the cavernous spaces of Grouper's music both seem disembodied in their own way. One of the images that music calls to mind for me is that of the daydream. I think many of these tracks are like daydreams, though not all of them are the kind of dreams we might want to have. CHECK OUT Max's List
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PBS Presents - Unity - The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson: Hosted by Sheila E. / IndieWire

Celebrating its fifth season, the 2015 PBS Arts Fall Festival brings international music superstar Gloria Estefan back to television alongside top Hispanic artists including legendary Broadway star Chita Rivera and world-renowned percussionist Sheila E. The seven-time Grammy Award-winner hosts the Festival each Friday for eight weeks, starting October 9 at 9 p.m. ET (check local listings). The series kicks off with the "Unity - The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson,"  featuring Michael Jackson's greatest hits interpreted by award-winning Latin artists in a concert hosted by celebrated percussionist Sheila E. "Unity" is said to be a passion project for Peruvian-born, Miami-raised producer and multi-instrumentalist Tony Succar, who also produced and arranged the chart-topping album of the same name. Signature Jackson songs like "Smooth Criminal," "I Want You Back," "Billie Jean" and others, will be "reimagined" by top musicians from throughout Latin America. Performers include Jon Secada, Tito Nieves, Michael Stuart, Obie Bermúdez, Jennifer Peña, Kevin Ceballo, Judith Hill, Jean Rodriguez, and more. READ THE FULL IndieWire ARTICLE
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Zzzzz Top: Max Richter on Sleep / The Quietus

Contemporary minimalist composer Max Richter has written a new piece entitled Sleep which is eight hours in length and designed to soundtrack a night of slumber. Richter describes the piece as "an eight-hour personal lullaby for a frenetic world and a manifesto for a slower pace of existence". The piece is scored for piano, strings, electronics and vocals. It is warm yet haunting and melancholic, while moving at a glacial pace. The German-born British composer said something during our conversation that stuck with me: "I think time is a preoccupation right now." This brought a documentary about Marina Abramovic - The Artist Is Present - to mind. The film, released in 2012 chronicles a retrospective at MOMA and features a 736-hour static, silent performance piece, which sees Abramovic sitting immobile in the museum's atrium during opening hours while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her. As people stared back at her, some for a few minute, some for hours, many began to cry or describe a feeling of transcendence afterwards. Richter has previously described his music in the terms of story telling but this time, with Sleep, his most ambitious piece to date, it's like he's deliberately left pages of the story book blank. It's as if a projector with no film is beaming a hazy light onto a blank cinema screen for you to project your dreams onto.  READ THE FULL Quietus REVIEW
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Maria Schneider makes her own magic on The Thompson Fields

You could say that Maria Schneider, the multi-Grammy-winning big-band leader, composer and arranger, takes care of business to support her distinctive, nuance-filled art. No more so than in promoting The Thompson Fields, a sound-colour tour de force for 19 musicians, many of whom have played with her since she started her orchestra in 1993. Her eighth album, which took almost a decade to produce, is a $200,000 production - huge for jazz - supported mainly by fans contributing to the unique ArtistShare label. On her busily creative website, she previewed The Thompson Fields, with four of its compositions commissioned directly by ArtistShare's "donor-participants." While the work was in progress, Schneider gave potential donors much to look forward to: "The pieces range from being descriptive of the open landscape of my home in southwest Minnesota, to being inspired by the first time I heard a samba school rehearse in Rio," she wrote on ArtistShare's website before the album's release in June. "As the project develops, we will be keeping you, the participant, involved through videos, audio clips, photos, downloads and more. I hope you'll find it fun, interesting and exciting as I take you on the path of making this record."   READ THE FULL Montreal Gazette ARTICLE
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Nano Stern chats with KPFA - La Raza Chronicles in advance of 10/4 Berkeley show

Chilean Folk Virtuoso Nano Stern releases his 5th studio album - Mil 500 Vueltas. Stern's path as an artist follows richly crafted song lines laid by his family and his Chilean musical ancestry, and unites those with a sound utterly fresh and relevant. Featuring Uruguayan legend Jorge Drexler as well as Joan Baez, the album also includes performances by guest vocalists Marta Gomez (Colombia), Susana Baca (Peru) & Pedro Aznar (Argentina) and entered the iTunes Chile Album Chart at #1 after it's July 2015 release. Stern was interviewed by KPFA: Berkeley CA - La Raza Chronicles, a weekly Latino affairs magazine show in advance of his October 4 performance at La Pena. Festejo De Color as well as the duet with Joan Baez was featured.  Listen to the attached interview
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Interview with KPFA - La Raza Chronicles

WRTI's Beloved Jill Pasternak Bids Farewell to the Airwaves

We have some bittersweet news here at WRTI. After more than 30 years on the radio, our longtime afternoon classical host Jill Pasternak has decided to retire as of September 1st to spend more time with her children and grandchildren. Although we're so happy for Jill, we'll miss her tremendously. And of course we know that so many of you will also miss her every weekday afternoon. She's been like a friend, keeping you company with her mellifluous voice and heartfelt enthusiasm. Each shift began with the familiar and warm greeting, "Hello! How are you today?" She truly hoped the music would brighten everyone's days, as it did hers. In addition to her stint as weekday announcer, Jill was the esteemed executive producer and host of the award-winning WRTI interview show, Crossover for over 18 years. She brought us conversations with many of the most important voices in classical music, jazz, Broadway, and beyond. She always had her finger on the pulse of the music that make our lives so rich. Her diverse Crossover guests included Itzhak Perlman, Elaine Stritch, Joshua Bell, Lorin Maazel, Pink Martini, Andre Watts, Erich Kunzel, Sir Neville Mariner, Kurt Masur, Canadian Brass, Diane Reeves, Simone Dinnerstein, Lang Lang, Marvin Hamlisch, Bebe Neuwirth, Jimmy Heath, Michel LeGrand, Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel...and the list goes on. Additionally, Jill was co-host of The Wanamaker Organ Hour, a monthly show with Macy's Grand Court Organist Peter Richard Conte. You may not know that Jill is also a gifted harpist, a graduate of Juilliard and a former Fulbright Scholar. As staff harpist at Radio City Music Hall, and with the City Center Ballet in New York, Jill performed with numerous symphonic and chamber ensembles in recordings, on radio, and on Broadway. She also performed for many years in the Philadelphia area and gave lectures on classical music. Her years in broadcasting included stints on WMHT-FM in Schenectady, NY, and WQXR in New York City. Listen to Jill announcing some of her guests for Crossover
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JD Souther set to play Americana Music Festival /

The 2015 edition of the Americana Music Festival is just over two weeks away, being held Sept. 15-20 in venues throughout the Nashville area, and fans have over 150 bands to choose select from, a daunting task for even the most dedicated Americana music fan. Inevitably, someone you want to see will be playing in a venue all the way across town from someone else you want to see. In this series leading up to Americanafest 2015, we'll profile some of the highest profile acts in a number of categories to help with your tough decisions. First up is the legends. For a festival with such a low price point, Americanafest manages to snag an impressive list of legendary artists every year. 2015 is no different, with this year's legends ranging from Latin rock pioneers to country superstars to songwriting titans. JD Souther will perform on Tue. Sept 15 at City Winery. Souther has just released - Tenderness which continues the new path in sound and style that he has forged since his return to recording in 2008; but at the same time, the album is unlike anything he has previously recorded. Joining Souther on the album are longtime collaborators pianist Chris Walters and saxophonist Jeff Coffin; as well as new friends, vocalist Lizz Wright and trumpet master Till Brönner. Jazz piano legend and recent Grammy Award winner Billy Childs is on board as well; he also has arranged the elegant and searing strings on half the album's tracks.

Souther's stories about the process of writing his songs are almost as entertaining as the songs themselves and fans of pure master songwriting will be sure to make JD Souther's show at City Winery's Americanafest kickoff party a priority. SEE THE FULL PAGE
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Simone Dinnerstein - Broadway-Lafayette / KUAF Interview

Pianist Simone Dinnerstein's Broadway-Lafayette Sony Classical celebrates the time-honored transatlantic link between France and America through the music of George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue), Maurice Ravel (Piano Concerto in G Major), and Philip Lasser (The Circle and the Child: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, written for Dinnerstein). The album was recorded with conductor Kristjan Järvi and the MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra, by Grammy-winning producer Adam Abeshouse. Dinnerstein feels a deep connection to the music she plays, and wants her audience to feel it, too. "There's a real question as to the place of classical music in our society. There are really no other experiences that are similar to going to a classical concert. […] I think it's important to figure out ways of bringing classical music concerts into our modern culture," Dinnerstein said in a recent chat with KUAF: Fayettville AR - Of Note host Katy Henriksen. LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW
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Interview with KUAF's Katy Henriksen

Top 10 Albums for September

Max Richter :


Max Richter's SLEEP will receive its world premiere this September in Berlin, in a concert performance lasting from 12 midnight to 8am at which the audience will be given beds instead of seats and programmes. The eight-hour version will be available as a digital album, and for those who prefer it, a one-hour adaptation of the work – from SLEEP – will be released on CD, vinyl, download, and streaming formats, all through Deutsche Grammophon, on 4 September.
Charlie Haden - Gonzalo Rubalcaba :

Tokyo Adagio

A posthumous release, but one that Charlie Haden ardently desired prior to his passing in July 2014. Tokyo Adagio marks the ultimate step in the American bassist's collaborations with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, the pianist of genius he met in Cuba in 1986, and with whom Charlie immediately found an entente bordering on telepathy. Several recordings - the famous Montreal Tapes of 1998, the studio albums Nocturne (2001) and Land of the Sun (2004) - are evidence of the huge complicity binding these two musicians, but no recording had yet given new life to the pure exchange they gave to the audience at the Blue Note Tokyo on consecutive evenings in spring 2005. Ten years later, impulse! is happy to publish this unique eye-witness account with a title to Charlie's taste (he referred to himself as "an adagio guy.") Through this tribute to the stateliness of his inimitable grace, the spirit of Charlie Haden is still with us. 19 NEW 181 Total SYND: PRI/Jazz After Hours, NPR/TTBOTK Direct: SiriusXM Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Cleveland, Miami, San Diego, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Austin, New Orleans, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Omaha, Madison WI, Raleigh NC, Boulder CO, Tampa, Honolulu, Toronto, Vancouver Online: Taintradio, The Eclectic Chair, Sun Music, Jazz From Gallery 41, Jazz & Blues Report, MOJA, Kind of Jazz, PureJazz, DirtyDog, SoulandJazz
Anoushka Shankar :


After several stunning experimental/crossover albums, including the Grammy®-nominated recordings Rise, Traveller and Traces Of You, Anoushka Shankar returns to her classical roots, paying homage to the teachings of her father and guru Ravi Shankar. Home features two ragas, one of which is a creation of Ravi Shankar's, and with them Anoushka shares an intimate, heartfelt live performance in the traditional style. Indian classical music is not written down, but has been improvised and passed down through an oral tradition for centuries; Home is a paradigm of this genre, exemplifying the unique dichotomy between the ancient structure and in-the-moment improvisations. Home is self-produced by Anoushka, and on it she strove to record the ancient instruments at an unprecedented, "high-definition" quality, working with a team of experts to design a studio in her own home that would be uniquely suited to the timbre of her instrument.  16 NEW  43 Total SYND: NPR/Hears Of Space, UnderCurrents, Stingray Direct: SiriusXM, Spafax Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Cleveland, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Berkeley CA, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Rochester NY, Canada Online: Taintradio, M3
Tiempo Libre :


Three-time Grammy-nominated Afro-Caribbean group Tiempo Libre will release Panamericano, their first album for Universal Music Latin Entertainment in partnership with Universal Music Classics on June 30.  Tiempo Libre are seven classically-trained musicians internationally renown for their critically acclaimed, dance-inducing, Latin-fused music. "We have always written songs about our lives – both past and present.  But Panamericano is truly about Tiempo Libre today – living a culturally rich and fulfilling life, personally and musically, in Miami.  We are surrounded by people and influences from all over the US and Latin America who inspire us. And the featured artists on the album reflect that amazing diversity and inspiration.  This is possibly our most personal album yet – and to have it released by Universal Music Latin Entertainment is a dream come true," says band founder Jorge Gómez. 15 NEW  171 TOTAL SYND: NPR/Here & Now, UnderCurrents Direct: SiriusXM, MOOD Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver, San Diego, New Orleans, Baltimore, Salt Lake, Berkeley CA, Raleigh NC, El Paso, Madison WI, Wichita KS, Honolulu, Montreal, Vancouver Online: New World Buzz, Jazz From Gallery, Taintradio, BOOMOnline, Party 934, KUHS, MOJA, Dirty Dog
Roger Davidson :

Universal Sacred Music

For some artists, music is a means to spiritual enlightenment; for others spirituality is a key element of their musical purpose. But for the eminent composer/pianist Roger Davidson, music and spirituality are inextricably intertwined in his lifelong pursuit of humanism, peace and the illumination of a path for his brothers and sisters to realize the fullest potential instilled in their spirits as children of God.  A humanitarian in the purest sense of the word, Roger is also an ordained minister. He founded the Society for Universal Sacred Music in 2000, for the purpose of promoting this message, particularly by emphasizing the unconditional love of God for us all. 8 NEW  30 Total SYND: Classical 24, CBC Markets include: Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, New Orleans, Austin, Albuquerque Online: Taintradio
Itzhak Perlman | Emanuel Ax :

Faure & Strauss Violin Sonatas

Legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman is known the world over as one of the most recognizable and beloved classical artists today.  The 16-time Grammy winning Perlman celebrates his 70th birthday on August 31; the milestone is marked with multiple releases paying tribute to his catalogue as well as Perlman's first new solo recording in 16 years.  Fauré & Strauss Violin Sonatas with pianist Emanuel Ax released on August 28 on Deutsche Grammophon/UMC, on the heels of the 25-CD box set Itzhak Perlman:  Complete Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon, released May 26 on DG/UMC. 44 NEW -  50 Total SYND: Classical 24, CBC Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Dallas, Atlanta, St. Louis, Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, Denver, Pittsburgh, Austin, New Orleans, Honolulu, Canada Online: HuffPost, Taintradio
Penka Kouneva :

The Woman Astronaut

Varese Sarabande releases - THE WOMAN ASTRONAUT. The album features the original music composed by Penka Kouneva (the game PRINCE OF PERSIA: FORGOTTEN SANDS). An original concept album with 14 tracks, broken into three acts, the Kickstarter funded project is a personal, autobiographical journey of an ambitious, self-determined woman and her journey as an astronaut, through adolescence, homeland and her very unusual profession. 10 NEW 17 Total SYND: PRI/Classical 24 Markets include: Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New Orleans Online: AXS, FilmMusicMedia, Review Graveyard,,, CVNC, babysue  
Dee Dee Bridgewater :

Dee Dee's Feathers

Dee Dee's Feathers, a journey through the history of New Orleans as told through song and the collaboration of Dee Dee Bridgewater, Irvin Mayfield & The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO), is set for release August 7th, 2015, via OKeh/Sony Music/DDB Records. Recorded at New Orleans' Esplanade Studios, a studio in a reconverted historical church in the heart of the city that was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina, the release of Dee Dee's Feathers will be accompanied by tour dates worldwide including stops at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, the Barbican in London and New York City's famed Apollo Theatre on Halloween.   21 NEW  122 TOTAL SYND: PRI/Jazz After Hours, Stingray DIRECT: MOOD - Spafax Markets include: New York, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, Portland, St. Louis, Houston, Baltimore, Houston, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Orlando, Tampa, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Madison WI, Omaha, Honolulu, Toronto, Vancouver Online: Jazz From Gallery 41, GreenArrow, MOJA,, Taintradio, Sun Music, animaJazz INTER: Canada, Italy 61 JazzWeek ADD's Reported by New World 'n' Jazz Promo
Peter Kogan :

Some Monsterful Wonderthing

The genesis of Peter Kogan's Some Monsterful Wonderthing was, of all things, the frustrating 2012 lockout of the Minnestota Orchestra. This was Kogan's day gig, and although the timpanist had high hopes for a reasonably quick settlement, he also took this golden opportunity to record his first studio album as leader – Cornucopia - released in 2013.  As the orchestra stalemate dragged into its 16th month, Kogan began thinking about a follow up disc which would utilize a septet, some new tunes that reflected on the labor struggle he was involved in, and the strong community support that the orchestra musicians received.  Some musical ideas were completely new, and others were fresh takes on older material from Kogan's New York City days. This became Some Monsterful Wonderthing and was finished six months after the orchestra lockout ended. 14 TOTAL Direct: MOOD Markets include: San Francisco, Minneapolis, Hartford CT, Birmingham AL, Fort Collins CO, Melbourne FL, Durham NH, Knoxville TN, Bay City MI, Morgantown WV, Honolulu Online: Jazz From Gallery 54, JazzWeekly
Joe Chindamo | Zoe Black :

The New Goldberg Variations

ALFI Records is pleased to present The New Goldberg Variations, an inventive and inspired re-imagining of Bach's masterwork, from Australian duo Zoë Black, violin, and pianist Joe Chindamo. First performed recently and to great acclaim in Melbourne, The New Goldberg Variations features Bach's complete and original Goldberg Variations with a newly-composed counterpoint for the violin by Joe Chindamo. The world premiere recording will be released in North America on August 28. In addition, Black and Chindamo will make their U.S. debut as a duo, performing The New Goldberg Variations in recital at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, September 30 at 8:00 pm. 10 NEW  36 Total SYND: Classical 24, CBC Direct: Music Choice, MOOD Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, Austin, Buffalo Online:, Taintradio, Piano Addict